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Math Courses


Mathematics is integral to every aspect of daily life. Mathematical skills are essential for solving problems in most areas of life and are part of human history. All peoples have used and continue to use mathematical knowledge and competencies to make sense of the world around them.


Mathematical values and habits of mind go beyond numbers and symbols; they help us connect, create, communicate, visualize, and reason, as part of the complex process of problem solving. These habits of mind are valuable when analyzing both novel and complex problems from a variety of perspectives, considering possible solutions, and evaluating the effectiveness of the solutions. When developed early in life, mathematical habits of mind help us see the math in the world around us and help to generate confidence in our ability to solve everyday problems without doubt or fear of math.


Observing, learning, and engaging in mathematical thinking empowers us to make sense of our world. For example, exploring the logic of mathematics through puzzles and games can foster a constructive mathematical disposition and result in a self-motivated and confident student with unique and individualized mathematical perspectives. Whether students choose to pursue a deeper or broader study in mathematics, the design of the Mathematics curriculum ensures that they are able to pursue their individual interests and passions while establishing a strong mathematical foundation.