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Information About Online Learning for Parent(s)/Guardian(s) and Students

What is Online Learning?
Online Learning offers possibilities for interactive and engaging learning options for Students in British Columbia.
Although primarily referring to learning though the internet, Online Learning can also include distance instruction by correspondence or teleconferencing and may include some in-person learning and face-to-face support.
Online Learning can support equity of educational opportunities for students and families, particularly in rural and remote areas where course options are not readily available.
Sea to Sky Online School is led by B.C. Certified Teachers providing quality services to all learners in the Sea to Sky School District.
Some elements of Online Learning include:
Flexibility: One of the most significant advantages of online learning is the flexibility it provides. Students can access educational materials and resources at any time, allowing them to tailor their learning schedules around their individual needs (i.e.: family vacations, academies, sports training). This flexibility promotes self-discipline and time management skills, empowering students to assume responsibility for learning.
Personalized Learning: Our online platform (Moodle) and teachers employ adaptive learning techniques, tailoring the content and pace to match your child's unique learning style. This personalized approach ensures that your child receives individual attention they need to excel. Students can revisit challenging concepts, explore additional resources, and progress at their own comfortable pace. Our teachers are available online and in-person in our high schools.
Expanded Resources: Through online learning, students have access to a vast array of resources. They can explore interactive multimedia materials, educational videos, and collaborate with others. This rich variety of resources enhances their understanding, fosters creativity, and cultivates a deeper engagement in their courses. Enhanced Time Management: Online learning can be highly effective in teaching students valuable time management skills. By organizing their study schedules and setting goals, students learn to prioritize tasks effectively, particularly if families have busy schedules (i.e.: sports training, employment). This skill is not only valuable for academic success but also prepares them for future responsibilities and career demands.
Increased Self-Motivation: Engaging with online learning requires students take initiative. By participating in online learning, students develop a sense of responsibility, perseverance, and the ability to work autonomously.
These competencies are fundamental for personal growth and long-term success. We are proud to offer online learning opportunities that encompass the belief that all students can learn and do so in a variety of ways and means.
Our teachers are available in-person, and online, and can provide a variety of learning options to meet individual student and family needs.
If you and your child(ren) are considering taking an online course, students and families can enroll in online courses at Sea to Sky Online by registering through our school’s website, or by directly contacting Elise Lambert at [email protected] (604-892-5904).
Similarly, if you and your child(ren) have any questions about our courses, including how to register, please do not hesitate to reach out for further information. We are here to support you and your child(ren) in achieving their educational goals.
What's the difference between Online Learning and Homeschooling?
Online Learning means a method of instruction that relies primarily on communication between Students and teachers by means of the internet. It may also include other types of instruction at a distance from the Learner, such as correspondence or teleconferencing, as well as in-person services.
Homeschooling means an educational program provided to a child by a Parent that is not under the supervision or direction of a qualified teacher.
What's the difference between District Online Schools (DOLS) and Provincial Online Schools (POLS)?
District Online Learning Schools offer Online Learning programs and courses that are available to students who are resident in the district, regardless of whether or not they are also enrolled in another district school, independent school, or a school under the francophone education authority.
Provincial Online Learning Schools are Online Learning Schools, established under an Online Learning Agreement with the Minister, and administrated by a Board of Education or Independent School Authority, that can enroll Students from anywhere in the Province.
What Types of Programs and Services Are Offered to Learners in Sea to Sky?
Sea to Sky Online Schools offer the following to our learners:
Sea to Sky Online offers a learning program for K-9 students unable to attend their home school. This option provides students with frequent  one-on-one, or small group, online meetings with their teacher. Similarly, students engage in their educational program through Google Classroom using an abundance of educational apps and programs to support their learning activities. For more information on the K-9 program, please visit the menu item K-9 under the Programs tab on our website, or click here.
SSO 10-12
Sea to Sky Online combines online technology with weekly “connect” face-to-face sessions to help students through their courses. The courses are self-paced. Teachers work with students to develop a learning plan, including schedules created to ensure students complete their courses in a timely manner. We pride ourselves in high accountability and high support. Many higher education colleges are offering a portion of their courses online and it is becoming the norm for an undergraduate to take a mixture of regular lecture courses and online courses as part of their degree program. Many colleges offer vocational diplomas online. In this way, the skills gained from taking an online course in a supported environment have real value in the field of post secondary education. Sea to Sky Online offers opportunity for students to have greater flexibility of choice when choosing their courses. It allows students to build skills such as self motivated study, taking responsibility for your own learning, making good study notes etc.. Some students can accelerate or take an extra course to broaden their subject base. It helps to accommodate the needs of our districts highly talented athletes or musicians. For more information on the courses we offer in Grades 10-12, please visit the menu item 10-12 Courses under the Programs tab on our website, or click here.
Can I take an online course while attending another school in Sea to Sky?
Yes. Most of our students are "cross enrolled" with other schools in the district. In an effort to maintain consistency and guidance in selecting an online course, and to keep "everyone in the loop", we work closely with the other schools to ensure student's course selections are appropriate to their learning needs while keeping the student on track for graduation. While parents and students are free to register for online courses through our website, we would ask that you notify your other school of your intentions. This prevents scheduling difficulties and ensures everyone is "attached" to your graduation plans.  
Can I take a Grade 10, 11, or 12 course online if I'm in Grade 8 or 9?
Yes. However, we would like to discuss this with you prior to registering. This is only to learn more about your reason(s) and to help facilitate communication with your other school. 
There are several reasons students take our courses in earlier grades including general interest, future course options that account for scheduling frameworks at your school (i.e.: Taking a Math 10 Foundations online so you can take 2 specific Math courses in Grade 12 at your school), upcoming needs (i.e.: Athletes who expect to be away a lot during first semester and want to get ahead in the course), and advanced learning options.
How to Enroll
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Code of Conduct
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