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I am currently enrolled at an SD#48 school and I’m interested in taking an online course. What do I do?

Talk to your counselor about how an online course fits into your Graduation Plan. Then complete the online course registration form and Activation Assignment for your course (see Home page). Email your Activation Assignment to [email protected]


I am under 20 yrs and did not  graduate and I am no longer attending a SD#48 school – is Sea to Sky Online for me?

Yes. We can help you work towards graduation or just upgrade your courses to improve your chances of employment. Email us at [email protected] or visit us at at “Connect” Session (see Home page).


I am an adult wishing take a course. Is Sea to Sky Online for me?

We offer some courses for upgrading purposes for free, please contact [email protected] and explain your situation and the courses you are interested in taking.


Is there a  cost to take the online courses?

The courses are free but there may be a deposit required for textbooks.  If you are an international student there is course fee of $750 per course. 


Are there lots of homework  assignments?

Well the whole course consists of “homework” but it is self paced so students don’t get bogged down with deadlines. However you do need to ensure that the pace of work is in keeping with the schedule you worked out in your learning plan.


What do I do if I don’t understand a question in the course?

You can email your teacher at [email protected] or move on and bring it to a Connect Session.


Do I have to attend the “Connect” Sessions?

Students that attend  the sessions regularly have the greatest chance of success. Generally we expect you to attend the sessions. If you cannot attend the sessions then you need to contact us to come up with a solution.


How often should I email you?

Students are required to be in regular communication with their teacher, either through Moodle Messenger, via video conferencing, email, or face-to-face. Whenever you have a question you can email us [email protected] but you should let your teacher know where you are up to every week via email.


I’m having technical difficulties with the websites what should I do?

Try using a different web browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox. If you still have problems then email us at [email protected]


My course has unit tests. Are they exams?

No, they are formative assessments which are used to check your understanding. In many cases they can be done at home but most students find it easier to do them during an open-house session where they can ask questions and get immediate feedback. The midterm and final exams are taken at a Connect session or in a supervised block of time.


How do I submit work?

It depends on the work. Typically, work can be handed in through Moodle, email, or in-person. Visit Tools For Success for more ways to submit assignments.