Registration » SD48 Students Only

SD48 Students Only


Please register for course(s) here if:


1. You are an SD48 Grade 10-12 student, OR you are a grade 9 student attending your home school wishing to take an online class AND


2. You are not currently enrolled in the same course at your home school


For students (Gr.10-12), please note that it is not possible to take a course through Sea to Sky Online while you are enrolled in the same course through your home school. 


If you are currently active in a course in your home school, you will need to contact your school counsellor to withdraw from the course before registering with Sea to Sky Online. Confirmation of your withdraw must be received by Sea to Sky Online prior to registering in a course.


To view Sea to Sky Online School course offerings click HERE.


To Register:


Email Elise Lambert at [email protected] with your course request(s).


If you require an assistance with registration or have any questions, go see an online support teacher at your home school.


Online Support:

Whistler Secondary:  Laure Lejeune, Samantha Wilson (Room 201, 209)

Howe Sound Secondary: Brittany Carter, Erin Borsoff, Elyse Cochrane (located: Library)

Pemberton Secondary: If you need help registering for a course, please email [email protected].  If you questions about your course, please email [email protected]



or contact Elise Lambert, Sea to Sky Online Clerical Assistant at  [email protected] or 604-892-5904