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Sea to Sky Online offers a learning program for K-9 students unable to attend their home school. This option provides students with frequent  one-on-one, or small group, online meetings with their teacher. Similarly, students engage in their educational program through Google Classroom using an abundance of educational apps and programs to support their learning activities.

For more information on the K-9 program, please visit the menu item K-9 under the Programs tab on our website, or click here.

Grades 10-12

Sea to Sky Online combines online technology with weekly “connect” face-to-face sessions to help students through their courses. The courses are self-paced. Teachers work with students to develop a learning plan, including schedules created to ensure students complete their courses in a timely manner. We pride ourselves in high accountability and high support.


Many higher education colleges are offering a portion of their courses online and it is becoming the norm for an undergraduate to take a mixture of regular lecture courses and online courses as part of their degree program. Many colleges offer vocational diplomas online. In this way, the skills gained from taking an online course in a supported environment have real value in the field of post secondary education.


Sea to Sky Online offers opportunity for students to have greater flexibility of choice when choosing their courses. It allows students to build skills such as self motivated study, taking responsibility for your own learning, making good study notes etc.. Some students can accelerate or take an extra course to broaden their subject base. It helps to accommodate the needs of our districts highly talented athletes or musicians.


For more information on the courses we offer in Grades 10-12, please visit the menu item 10-12 Courses under the Programs tab on our website, or click here.


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