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French Language Courses

Course Outline:
The Sea to Sky Online School currently offers three Core French programs. All classes are taught by a French Language teacher. A portion of these courses includes learning through the language program, Rosetta Stone. In addition to this, students will be communicating with their teacher for the purposes of demonstrating their proficiency in learning French. This may include phone conversations, online conferencing, audio, and/or video submissions. There are written, reading and oral components to all French courses, as well as a final summative project.
Students are able to work on a laptop, tablet or handheld device for the Rosetta Stone component, and should be aware that a minimum of 30 hours of time is required for the Rosetta Stone component.

No prior experience in the language is necessary before starting one of our language courses. 
Course Grading:
Substantive Assignment - 5%
Rosetta Stone (all tasks to be completed) - 65%
Final Project - 30%
Should students choose to work on this course at their home school, students shall respect the school conduct code which implies neatness and respect for the learning environment where students comply with the support block teacher's expectations.