Registration » Transition Program: Short-Term Home Education Program with Space Held to Transition Back to School (SD 48 Only)

Transition Program: Short-Term Home Education Program with Space Held to Transition Back to School (SD 48 Only)


This short-term option does not require a student to attend school in person right away and provides a bridge for those students needing more time to return to school. This option means that you enroll in 2 online courses for the first quarter of the school year. At the completion of the quarter during the week of November 9th, you will be provided an opportunity to return to your school of registration and be placed in a Learning Group Cohort for the 2nd quarter.


Each family choosing this Transition Program will be asked to make their final choice by October 30, 2020. At the start of 2nd quarter, these students will either return to their Learning Group cohort at their school or they will remain with their Sea to Sky Online teacher for the remainder of the school year. If they choose to continue with Sea to Sky Online, their seat at their school will no longer be held. Students may always return to their school later in the school year contingent upon the availability of space.


Prior to completing the transition form, understanding a few key elements will ensure students maximize their educational program options between SSO and their home school.


Students should know which two courses they are scheduled for in Q1 of their home school.


To ensure minimal disruptions to timetables at their home school, students in the Transition Program should select the same Q1 courses through SSO. A list of available courses can be found at Our Courses on the website.


If one, or both, Q1 courses in your home school that you are registered for, are not available through SSO, please contact your school's counselor to review other options before selecting Q1 courses through SSO. This will ensure you are still able to continue with your educational program choices in Q2, Q3, and Q4.


STEP 1: Students who have selected this option are required to complete the Grade 10-12 Transition Program Registration Form. This will assist in a successful transition back to school in the fall.


STEP 2: Once you have completed the Grade 10-12 Transition Form, click HERE to create a Moodle Account with Sea to Sky Online (If you already have a Sea to Sky Online Moodle account, you do not need to create another).


Please note that French Immersion students may choose this option and also have their seat held in French Immersion. Though the online learning instruction will not likely be in French, some of the learning resources available may be.


For more information regarding the Transition Program, please visit Sea to Sky School District.