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Active Living 11

The aim of the Active Living 11 course is to enable all students to enhance their quality of life through active living. The physically educated person has the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to incorporate physical activity into regular routines, leisure pursuits, and career requirements throughout life.
The course allows you to choose the activities you wish to participate in and work at your own pace. It requires you to participate in 80 hours of activity throughout the course, in addition to with healthy living lessons, goal setting and other assignments.
Course Topics:
Unit 1 - Active Living
Unit 2 - Leadership
Unit 3 - Movement
Unit 4 - Personal and Social Responsibility
Course Grading:
Substantive Assignment: 10%
Activity Logs - 60%
Assignments - 30%

No textbook is required, as all required material is included. If you have any questions regarding  a concept covered in this course, please reach out via Moodle message or email.