10-12 Courses » Physical and Health Education 10

Physical and Health Education 10

Course Outline:
Physical and Health Education 10 is a required course for all students. It helps students to enhance their quality of life through active living. This course is organized around the five themes of Active Living, Leadership, Movement, Personal and Social Responsibility, and Health Education.Through this knowledge, you will begin to understand that physical activity is critical to leading a long and healthy life. The phrase "fitness for life" will take on new meaning and hopefully, you will use this knowledge to be active throughout your life.
Course Topics:
Unit 1 - Active Living
Unit 2 - Leadership
Unit 3 - Movement
Unit 4 - Personal Behaviours and Safety Practices
Course Grading:
Substantive Assignment - 5%
Activity Logs - 60%
Assignments - 30%
Quizzes - 5%
No textbook is required for this course
Keys to Success: 
  1. Actively work through each lesson, trying examples and reflecting on material. 
  2. Use the Learning Guide as your tool for documenting your understanding. Lay it out in a neatly, well organized manner. 
  3. Make sure you understand any quiz/exam question you get wrong. If you can’t figure it out – ASK!
  4. Be sure to use your Moodle message system for regular communication with your instructor.