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Social Studies Courses


The primary goal of Social Studies education is to give students the knowledge, skills, and competencies to be active, informed citizens who are able to think critically, understand and explain the perspectives of others, make judgments, and communicate ideas effectively.

Through their study of historical events, students will gain an understanding of the people, places, issues, and events that have shaped the world they live in. By studying some of the many different cultures and ways of life that exist and have existed throughout the world, students will develop both a deeper understanding of the differences between peoples and an appreciation of the aspects of human experience shared across time and space.


Social Studies provides students with an understanding of their place in the world and the connections between the human and natural environment. The increasing cultural and economic interconnections between societies and the growing awareness of the importance of environmental sustainability make geographic understandings a crucial part of informed citizenship.


Social Studies also develops knowledge and understandings of the economy, the interdependence of economies, and how economic decisions can have consequences at individual, local, national, and international levels.


The Social Studies curriculum provides opportunities for students to learn about Canadian society, our democratic institutions, and the rights and responsibilities of Canadian citizens.It explores how students can have an impact on the decisions made in their society and advocate for causes important to them. Students will also understand the importance of being open to new ideas and civil to those with whom they disagree in creating a healthy and vibrant democracy.